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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Wake up your Windows 10 Surface from LAN!

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Microsoft has now announced a way to wake up your Windows Surface Device with the new Wake feature. The feature named Wake was already available to users, It only needs to be downloaded and installed to check for its working.

Wake functionality allows a surface device to be waken up via network, which will require a wired network and AC power. This means that Microsoft Surface users can now install updates or perform any other maintenance when the device is not in use, ensuring that it will be ready for action when they need it to be.
According to a post on Microsoft's TechNet blog, Wake functionality on LAN support for Surface devices connected to LAN with a Surface Ethernet Adapter or Surface Dock. The user can enable docked or connected devices to be woken from Connected Standby with Wake functionality.
Surface support for Wake on LAN allows the user to leverage already built-in Wake on LAN capabilities in management solutions such as System Center Configuration Manager by performing such maintenance automatically. Users can install the SurfaceWOL.msi package that is available in the Microsoft Download Center.
Microsoft Surface device must be running Windows 10 Anniversary Update or newer. The SurfaceWOL.msi package installs the Wake functionality on LAN for the Surface Ethernet Adapter and some compatible network devices like Surface Dock and Surface Docking Station for Surface Pro 3. It also modifies the necessary settings to allow Wake functionality on LAN in Connected Standby.
Microsoft Surface devices like Surface Book, Surface 3, Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4 can take advantage of Wake functionality on LAN. This function is very helpful for users who need to keep their device up to date.
However, many personal users will also like this function. Many users who are frustrated of checking in between big updates can use Wake functionality on LAN to keep the process on.

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