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Monday, 6 March 2017

iPhones New Battery That Will Never Run Out Of Battery!!!!!!

Credits: http://phandroid.com

Once again MIT is on the verge of creating a revolution. Some researcher from MIT have created a technology through which we don’t need to charge our phone again, EVER!!!. It’s amazing how far we have come into the future. These researchers have figure out a way to convert the mechanical energy that we create while walking, into electrical energy that can be used to charge electronic devices. So in a nutshell, we will soon have phone that will never run out of battery. There is a company called Nikola lab that have also created a battery which charges on wireless signal.

Credits: http://thegadgetflow.com

This new technology can also give an all new meaning to wireless charging. Right now we require keeping our phone on a base to charge it up wirelessly. Once this technology gets more refined with time we don’t even need to do that, keep it anywhere, over your fridge, on your desk, anywhere. It will automatically charge your phone. Yes this is the future of wireless charging or I should say, this is what real wireless charging looks like.

Credits: http://thegadgetflow.com

Even iPhone is bit by this tech bug. Will Zell (co founder of Nikola lab) has designed a case using this technology for iPhone that doesn’t look that unusual, but it’s doing something pretty out of the ordinary: capturing some of the radio waves that the phone transmits when connecting to cell-phone towers and Wi-Fi routers, converting them to electricity, and feeding that power back to the phone’s battery. Like battery pack cases, the company’s case plugs into the bottom of the iPhone; this way, Zell says, it can intermittently send power right to the battery.

Credits: https://www.engadget.com

Phones made by Nikola will feature 25 to 30 percent more battery life between charges. Nikola first prototype case was built in the spring. They will start selling in the first three months of this year for about $100. 

There’s plenty of scepticism surrounding the utility of harvesting energy from radio waves. Nikola Labs’ technology works because it’s doing the harvesting so close to the transmitting antenna in the phone, and that it’s capturing radio waves that aren’t needed for communication in order to avoid impacting call quality.

Eventually, hopes to fit the technology into the phone itself; early talks with phone makers have begun.


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