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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Charge Your Phone By Sucking Power From Your Friends Phone Wirelessly!!!!!

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Credits: flipboard.com
We have all encountered that phase in our life where we wish we can charge our phone by sucking like a vampire on our friends phone. Well now thanks to Sony we can actually do that. Yes you read right. You can wirelessly suck power from your friend’s phone when yours is low. The company wants you to be able to steal power from your friend’s phone without having to connect a single cable.

The most beautiful thing about this technology is that your smartphone can also get charge wirelessly from electronic appliances like a toaster or a microwave. So basically you don’t need a charger anymore, use microwave instead.
Sony’s patent, formally titled “Configuration of Data and Power Transfer in Near Field Communications”, describes a system where two devices each equipped with antennae can wirelessly transmit power or data. Data is perhaps easier, since we already do that today, but Sony’s system is a bit more complex than your regular data transfer, requiring some level of encryption. This new patent seems interested in expanding NFC’s capabilities to wirelessly sharing power, in addition to data.

Credits: http://gizmodo.com
Sony doesn't give any detail about how well it will actually work. NFC is already used to transfer data using very little power, but that’s only in short bursts and not huge amounts of continuous data, which is why two devices have to be tapped, or held very closely, for transfers and connections to work. True wireless charging, like what’s detailed in Sony’s patent, requires a lot more juice, even over just a few feet, which would quickly drain one device, while only trickle-charging the second. Whether Sony actually has something like that already or is still on the drawing board, the patent gives it the right to call dibs on the technology.
This patent shows an exciting future where you can walk into a room and wirelessly connect to both wi-fi and power, but the technology to make it really happen still has a lot of catching up to do. So for now best of luck stealing your friends charging cable.

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