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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Samsung Foldable Smartphones are Finally Here!!!!!

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Brace yourselves because this news going to hit you hard. For once and for all rumours were true. After watching several teasers videos, leaked roadmaps, concept design and flexible screen panel demonstration from Samsung. They are finally nearing a fordable product release. Right now Samsung is working on two different types of fordable Smartphone’s with a separate dual screened version to be released in early 2017 according to South Korea’s ET News.

The Smartphone’s that may appear at CES or MWC is said to be hinged though, not actually bent. Two flat side by side panels with a hinge between is very similar to a prototype demoed recently by Japan Display. The will may have three orientations: folded out with screen on the front and back, folded in to protect the displays in transit, or laid out flat like a tablet.

The primary intends of this new dual-screened smart phones is to gauge user interest and introduce consumers to some of the features and benefits of foldable smart phones before truly foldable devices are officially launched. The example is given of the Galaxy Round and Galaxy Note Edge as precursors to the Galaxy S6 Edge.
Samasung will be producing some small amount of dual screened smartphones in early 2017 to get the market response and then will apply the feedback on their two fordable smart phone designs.

The two styles of foldable smartphones Samsung is working on are described as an “out-foldable” design and an “in-foldable” design. We’ve already seen an example of an in-foldable design in the concept device we saw as far back as 2014 in Samsung’s infamous advertisement and that we’ve seen in patent applications as recently as a month ago.
The out-foldable design is seen as the “next step” in foldable smartphones. “When an out-foldable smartphone is folded, OLED panels are placed on the front and the back. Panels also work at the part where it is bent, and this smartphone can be used as a tablet when it is not folded.” To get an idea of how this works, just take a look at Lenovo’s foldable concepts demoed earlier this year.

The fate of dual screened smartphones will largely depend on the response in the first half of the year. This may seem like a story we’ve all heard many times in the past, but this is the first time we’ve heard about a precursor product being prepped for release with actual foldable designs coming in its wake.

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