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Wednesday, 21 December 2016



Now days everything that surround us, is smart. We have smart shoes, smartphone’s, smart clothes, smart watches and now its time to introduce a smart mirror. An extremely talented, creative, web developer, Rafael Dymek has created a smart mirror based on iOS 10. The smart mirror looks like a gigantic full sized iPhone with intuitive details like the time, weather forecast widget and icons with full-fledged apps. There is also a video uploaded by Dymek on YouTube which shows a quick demonstration of its features and function.

While the mirror has been created purely as a personal project for his own use, it does show the potential benefits of having such a device around the house.

According the description given by Dymek, the design included widgets and apps that can be moved around and placed anywhere on the screen. The digital overlay of the mirror goes to sleep after 45 seconds of inactivity turning it into an ordinary mirror. The digital overlay can be resumed by simply tapping anywhere on the mirror. Rafael demonstrated fully functioning Netflix, Uber, News and apps that can access smart lights, thermostats and the other smart home applications. The users can control wireless speakers for music.

It is not yet confirmed if the Apple Mirror runs on a native instance of iOS 10 or the interface is themed on iOS 10 but there is one thing that I can tell for sure and that is, this thing look fucking awesome.


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