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Wednesday, 16 November 2016



These earphones are the coolest that I have seen. They glow or pulsate to the beats of the song you are listening too. These earphones are made from Corning fibre optics( yes the company that makes gorilla glass for your phones). They are in ear-style headphones with an ear hook which make them a really good choice for jogging, biking etc. The Glow are not just a gimmick as the pulsating light can make an individual substantially more visible to cars etc at night.

These headphones are design to get attention but  that is not their only feature, take a closer and you'll find something a whole lot more interesting: Glow claims to be the "world's first"  laser light headphones. The laser light glow comes out the cable,  which is called Fibrance. A special light-diffusing fiber from the folks over at Corning.

Glow is also one of a few pairs of headphones that are designed to be compatible with Android right from the start. Android never had a dedicated audio accessory.

In addition to the lights pulsing to the beat of the music or to your heart, there's also a five-way d-pad controller that communicates with your phone over Bluetooth LE. You can use the controller to do all the usual things, like change the volume, play/pause music and switch tracks. It should work with most music apps like Pandora, Rdio and Spotify. Pressing the center button would activate voice commands like Google Now and you can use it as a camera shutter button too. There's also a separate phone button to answer or reject calls, and that d-pad has a clip on the rear. 

And no it is not yet over. Glow is planning to add much more advanced features that include the ability to understand contextual situations. For example, say you're running late for a meeting and you're in your car. Your phone would be clever enough to know all of that information already due to your scheduled appointments and it would recognize your mode of transportation based on data from speed and motion sensors. If you receive a message in that moment asking your whereabouts, you could simply press the up button to trigger a canned "I'm on my way" response. Another example, Wang says, is if the phone notices you're watching a movie, you could hit a button to trigger an "I'll get back to you" reply.

However, most of these advanced features will be Android-only, at least to start. iOS users will still have base features like music controls and rhythmic light pulsing, but Wang lacks the resources right now to guarantee parity with both. iOS support is, however, one of Glow's stretch goals on Kickstarter.

Interestingly, the Glow still hooks up to the phone via the regular ol' 3.5mm jack. With Bluetooth LE. So if the battery ever goes out, you can still use the headphones as just regular headphones. Glow is currently offering eight hours of continuous use and the team is currently developing an attachment to extend the battery life if necessary.

Glow are more than just a pair of headphones. When you're out running, you can see the light pulse faster according to the rhythm of your heart . If it senses you're in a calm mood, the pulsing will slow down." There'll be a binary switch that lets you choose whether you'd prefer the light to pulse to the rhythm of the music or to your heartbeat.
These headphones are neither too bass-heavy nor too treble-heavy, but strike a perfect balance between the two. As shown in various advertisement these headphones do pulsate according to the music, but not in a heavy staccato. Instead it flows with the melody of the song, capturing every beat of it rather than anything that flashed or blinked. 

Just wait a little longer then you normally do, and you can get them for just $149, which is a special Kickstarter price. It's little expensive, but that's about on par with most premium headphones. 


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