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Friday, 18 November 2016

Everything You Need To Know About Google Earth VR


Google is betting big on virtual reality and this new app comes only days after the company's latest headset launched in the UK. Google Earth VR, which is currently a free exclusive for HTC Vive owners, will look familiar to anybody who has used Google's "Earth" mapping apps before. 
Google Earth VR covers the entire 196.9 million square miles of the planet, so if you can't decide where where to take your first virtual trip, Google has helpfully included cinematic tours and curated destinations through places like the Amazon River, downtown Manhattan, the Grand Canyon and the ruins of Rome.

You can grab the globe, zoom in and out anywhere, and see finer details as you zoom closer to any location.
Using an HTC Vive controller, you can click and drag your way through megalopolises like Tokyo and New York, towering over 3D Google Earth renderings of the cities that give you the sense of what Godzilla.
Once you've picked a spot on the planet, you simply press Forward to dive down into a spot or Back to fly back into the sky and watch the cities and mountains shrink under your feet. 
It's not incredibly interactive beyond looking and viewing, but it's easily one of the most powerful VR experiences I've had in recent memory. 

The Daydream platform is Google's phone-based virtual reality offering - but the new Earth VR requires the more powerful and expensive HTC headset.
Technology experts have reacted positively to Google Earth VR, but more than a couple have pointed out that they get headaches after using it for too long. The same criticism has been raised at other virtual reality headsets like the PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift.
If you have an HTC Vive, don't even think about waiting: download and try this now. 


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