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Monday, 10 October 2016

How To Turned Nokia 1100 into Smartwatch!!

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When it comes to smartwatches, one has an array of options to choose from.  These include Apple, Samsung and Sony. However, hacker Daniel Davis decided to make his very own one using an old Nokia 1100.

Surprisingly, the antiquated phone had all the components needed to make a smartwatch including a small screen and a vibrating motor for notifications.

Now the Nokia 1100 turned smartwatch won’t be winning any design awards or will be available for purchase. However, it is quite satisfying to see that even after so much time, age old Nokia devices still work. Furthermore, students and makers who want to build something new can try their hand at this. In this project the main things Daniel used is a Nokia 1100, a mini Arduino board, a Bluetooth module for connection and a 3.7v rechargeable battery, but as he explains you can swap parts as per your preference. You can see the entire project at tinkernut, where Daniel has listed all the parts as well as most of the code used in this project.

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