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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Next-generation connected-car platform to be developed by LG and VW

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Here’s proof that self-driving isn’t the only development focus regarding electronics in cars, even though it may seem that way. LG Electronics and the Volkswagen Group announced a plan Wednesday to develop what they refer to as “the next generation” of connected-car services,
Volkswagen’s Cross-Over-Platform has nothing to do with cars that try to look like SUVs. It’s all about driver and passenger convenience and connectivity.
That’s the focus of LG and VW’s collaboration. The companies will develop technology that will allow vehicles connected to the cloud to help passengers with a growing array of services, including smart-home connection and control, messaging, infotainment, and location services.

Drivers increasingly expect travel, alert, entertainment, and communications systems in their cars. The plan combines LG’s interest in smart appliances and smart-home systems with Volkswagen’s vehicle platforms. Perhaps at some point in the next few years, you’ll get an alert while driving your Passat that the garage door is open after dark. As you get closer to home, the house lights will brighten and the AC system will click it down a few degrees.

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