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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Microsoft Phone sign-in beta app will unlock your Windows 10 PC without a password!

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Microsoft has quietly pushed out an app on the Windows Store called the Phone Sign-in Beta. The app will allow a user to unlock a PC without the need to type in a password, but by just tapping on the PC in the app.
The app that was spotted by twitter user ‎@h0x0d on the Windows Store, and can be downloaded by any device running Windows 10 Mobile and will connect via Bluetooth to unlock a PC as well.
It works like a two step-authentication process, letting you use a personal device (that hopefully has a password) to unlock a known PC, that was previously paired using the app.

Microsoft Phone sign-in beta app will unlock your Windows 10 PC without a password

All the user needs to do is to tap on the PC in the app and the PC unlocks, reducing the need to type in a password or even smile at the camera using Windows Hello.
According to the description, Microsoft’s intended use for this app and authentication procedure is for office purposes. Also, the description for the app tell us that the company plans to add some more features like support for Microsoft accounts, a sign-in solution for browsers and VPN, one-time pass-code generation, and MFA approval through notifications.
Indeed, signing in directly into your account on your home PC would also make this app really handy especially if you have a long password to remember and type down.

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